Simple 30-Minute Workouts and How to Get Better Sleep

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Time is valuable and not many of us have hours on end to spend in the gym. The following workouts are for those of us who want to get in shape without spending hours in the gym. These workouts should take no more than 30 minutes but could be done in as little as 20 minutes. To get the benefit of these workouts, you just need to workout 3 times per week. I think that is a small commitment when it comes to your health. There are very few people out there who can say they do not have 30 minutes to spare 3 times per week.

So no excuses, okay. Let’s get to it.

Break your body down into 3 muscle groups.

Day 1: Chest – Back
Day 2: Biceps – Triceps
Day 3: Shoulders – Legs

Abdominals should be worked during each workout by performing a minimum of 50 crunches.

Each muscle group gets worked as follows:

3 exercises – 3 sets of each exercise – 10 repetitions

If you’re interested in achieving amazing ABS then that is something else that could be done easily.

Day 1: Chest – Back

Flat Bench Press (Bar or Dumbell)
Incline Bench Press (Bar or Dumbell)
Cable Flys
Machine Low Row
Machine High Row
Machine Lat Pulldown

Day 2: Biceps – Triceps

Dumbell Hammer Curls
Straight Bar or EZ Bar Curls
Cable Curls
Cable Pushdowns
Overhead Extensions
Narrow Grip Bench Press (Bar)

Day 3: Shoulders – Legs

Shoulder Press (Bar or Dumbell)
Laterals (Dumbell or Machine)
Upright Row (Bar)
Leg Press
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls

Before you start any fitness program you should see a Physician for advisement. If at any point, you feel short of breath, faint, or pain stop immediately and consult a Physician. These workouts are only guidelines. You success depends on many other contributing factors such as your commitment, intensity, form and a proper diet. If you’re interested in more fitness TIPS then check out how to increase your muscle mass in a few easy steps. If you follow our guide, you should see improvements to your body.

Your Guide on Getting Better Sleep

In today’s sleepless world of 24/7 technology, work, and entertainment, it can be hard to fit in a single night of quality shut-eye. Below I’ve written a great guide to improving your sleep hygiene, better known as your sometimes-unhealthy sleeping habits. Here’s how YOU can improve your quality and quantity of wonderful, peaceful, rejuvenating rest:

Remove Distractions

Do you keep your cell phone on at night or leave the radio on as you drift off? To get the best sleep possible, its important to remove ALL distractions; that means turning off your cell phone, shutting down your laptop, un-plugging your radio, and removing any other noise-making, attention-grabbing devices in your room.

Without the expectation of distractions during the night, your brain will have the opportunity to relax more deeply and completely in the REM cycle of sleep, which means you’ll be better-rested and more energetic in the morning.

Turn off the Lights

Lots of people don’t like sleeping in the dark or just doze off before they have a chance to get up and turn out their lights. True darkness automatically helps your body set itself up for sleep, and your bright artificial lights won’t be able to wake you up while you sleep if they’re turned off. If you don’t like the idea of sleeping in total blackness, get a plug-in nightlight or get an adjustable lamp for fewer sleep-harming rays.

Make Your Bed a Sleep Haven

Do you often read, write, or watch TV in bed? STOP! For the best sleep possible, you need to start associating your bed with sleep, and only sleep. Personalize your bed with super soft blankets and pillows, and think of it as your very own comfy portal to dreamland.

Let Your Worries Go

Obsessing over your issues as you drift off to sleep can lead to poor rest and even nightmares. Before you get into bed, mentally acknowledge your fears, worries, and hopes from the past day, and let them all go until the morning. Prayer and meditation before bed can also help you relax enough to effortlessly drift off to sleep.

If you’re having constant troubles with this particular step, then you might want to try out Yoga. If you’ve never tried Yoga before then here are some basic tips about Yoga that everyone should know before starting it. It could really help you when it comes to letting go of your worries.

Dream Consciously

Did you know humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping? That’s a lot of time catching z’s! You can reclaim this third of your life and improve your waking hours by consciously remembering and taking control of your dreams. Dreams can teach you valuable lessons, reveal your hidden desires, and take you on fantastical adventures across space and time.

As you drift off to sleep, try to stay conscious as you transition from wakefulness to lucid dreaming. With this practice, most people can learn how to clearly remember their dreams, and some people are even able to design their own fantasies. Keep a dream diary by your bed to keep track of any interesting dreams you have, and you might be able to decipher what your nighttime experiences mean.

Follow this guide to great sleep hygiene, and you’ll rest better, longer, and more consciously than ever before. Good night and sweet dreams!