Bizarre and Strange Facts That You Did Not Know About Animals

There are millions of species of animals around the world. And with such a large number of different species, you would be surprised to know how many strange facts there are about our planet. If you want to be surprised and amazed at some bizarre things that certain animals can do, then keep reading on. Here are some strange facts that you probably didn’t know about animals.

Rabbits love the taste of licorice

These animals are crazy about licorice. It contains a sweetener that is 30 to 50 times stronger than sugar. It is used to make all sorts of candy, which rabbits love to eat. But unfortunately, rabbits must abstain from eating this treat, because their stomachs cannot digest it. So eating licorice, while delicious to rabbits is actually quite poisonous to them.

Mice sperm is longer than elephant sperm

The sperm cells of mice measure longer than that of elephants. Mice are very active when it comes to reproduction and need large sperm cells to reproduce sufficiently. While the difference in sperm cell size is very minute, it is still very interesting to know that mice sperm is larger than that of the elephant.

The difference in the thighs of chickens

The left thigh of a chicken is weaker than it’s right thigh. Chickens use their right leg more often than their left, which in turn results in better developed muscles, and a stronger leg. This means that if you want a tougher drumstick to chew on, you should choose the right thigh of the chicken. If you want something that is tenderer to chew on, then choose the left thigh of the chicken.

Fleas are deadlier than war

Fleas are some of the most dangerous animals in the world. More people have died by fleas than all wars combined together. Fleas spread diseases such as the plague, which in the Middle Ages, especially during the 14th century resulted in Europe losing a third of its population due to its spread. Nowadays, fleas can also spread illnesses such as Lyme disease.

Dogs can get gout

Dalmatians are the only dog ​​breed that can suffer from gout. This is a thyroid problem in which the gland overproduces hormones. This overproduction of hormones can cause the thyroid gland to swell and become deadly to the animal. Strangely, only Dalmatians are known to develop gout.

Albatrosses spend most of the time in the air

An albatross must only land once every year to breed. This bird can fly for thousands of kilometres without having to land. If they need to rest, most albatrosses can easily rest on the water, where they can also catch their food.

Dolphin’s unusual sleep

Dolphins are always half-asleep. Thus one half of their brains is asleep, while the other half is awake. This results in them sleeping with only one of their eyes closed. They do this so that they can avoid drowning. They need to swim to the ocean surface for air even while they are asleep. And being half asleep can also help them avoid predators while in the water.

Dolphins have super powered hearing

Dolphins have such a sharp hearing that they can hear noises underwater over a distance of up to 25 kilometres. Their sharp hearing allows them to detect their prey through the echo that is produced underwater. Part of the reason why they can hear so far away is also that sound travels better over water than it does on ground.

Some animals cannot jump up

Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump up. That is because their weight is too much to propel them up into the air. Due to the force of gravity an elephant may actually injure itself when it jumps into the air and lands down on the ground.

Camel’s special eyelids

Camels have three eyelids to protect their eyes from the flying sand. During a sandstorm or even during a light breeze in the desert, flying sand can cause a lot of damage to the sensitive membranes of the eyes. And this is why camels’ eyes have evolved to have three protective eyelids.


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Polar bears and their paws

Polar bears are the only mammals with fur on the sole of their feet. It is actually not because they need to keep warm on the ice. But it is because the ice can get very slippery, and in order to prevent slipping while walking on the ice a bear needs the fur on their paws. This allows them to gain a better grip.

Penguins can jump high

Penguins may be flightless birds, but their powerful legs can actually propel them up to two meters in the air! They need to jump that high in order to get over some obstacles when trekking the sea.

Great white sharks can fast for months

A white shark can survive for up to three months without any food. They can lower their metabolism so much that they hardly use any energy at all. This survival mechanism can allow them to survive for up to three whole months and in rare cases even more without eating a single bite of food.

A blue whale’s tongue is heavier than elephants

A blue whale’s tongue can weigh as much as 3 tons! This means that a whale’s tongue can be heavier than some land mammals. In fact, most elephants weigh less than the blue whale’s tongue.

Snails can stay in their shells for years

A snail can hibernate in certain circumstances, such as during a dry period for up to three years. This means that they do not have to go out of their shell during those years as they wait for the rain season to start.

The Mosquito is a very dangerous bug

Mosquitoes have killed more people than any other animal in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that mosquitoes can spread illnesses and viruses such as Malaria, Zika, etc. quite easily. The death toll that is attributed to mosquitoes per year is in the millions.

Baby Giraffes

At birth baby giraffes fall from a height of up to two meters, yet they are usually unharmed. They can then start walking several minutes afterwards, like most other mammals.