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UnleashedNews was founded by Vlayo on the principal that the truth must always come first no matter how uncomfortable it may sound. We’re a small blog that was started last year, but since then we have grown beyond our boundaries.

Our writing team is dedicated to catering to your needs in the niches that we cover, and satisfaction is a MUST when it comes to us. Our mission statement is to always make everyone reading our blog smile, and be satisfied knowing that what we offer is of high quality and need to you.

We’re a news blog that is dedicated to fitness, foods, shopping and finance. We share all the latest news in those industries as part of our motto of unleashing the truth in the news.

With us quality comes first, and customer service second. We do everything we can to inform our readers of the most up-to-date news. Credibility is key with us and something we treasure greatly.

You can be rest assured that all our articles are of the highest quality possible in order to ensure a good tradition of news, and information that you might need.

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